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You Should Use Hand Signals While Bicycling

You Should Use Hand Signals While Bicycling

Hello fellow riders, or anyone who is looking to start riding. Since National Bike Month and the National Bike Challenge started on May 1st I thought some posts on bicycle safety would be a good idea. I was out riding today and thought the first topic should be using hand signals.

I didn’t encounter many other bicyclists while out, but the few I did see weren’t using any hand signals. I have to admit I am guilty of not using them myself occasionally, but the irritation I felt with the vehicle drivers not using their blinkers pushed the point home. USE HAND SIGNALS!

Found this video on YouTube and thought it did a pretty good job of explaining them. (Yes, at the beginning it says you need a helmet, yes, I know in Idaho helmets are not required…but, wearing one isn’t a bad idea especially if you are going to be in traffic.)

Hopefully this video was helpful! Would Love to see more cyclists using proper hand signals while they are out and about.

Cheers and Ride On!

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Warning Soapbox Moment: To vehicle drivers – if you are one of the many I encountered today not using your blinkers; you have lost your right to complain about rogue bicyclists and their bad behavior. Not using your blinkers is not just annoying to other drivers, it is maddening to a bicyclist. You see…if I know what direction you are going I can make appropriate decisions about what I am going to do. No signal, I have no idea which way you are going, I assume you are going straight. Hence, I proceed through the intersection (just like I assume you are doing). Ok, all done with that.

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