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Outdoor Idaho Documentary Showcases Bicycling in Idaho

Outdoor Idaho Documentary Showcases Bicycling in Idaho

Trying to explain the feeling you get when you crest a steep hill, ride further than you did yesterday, or what it is like to glide through the crisp spring air; is not something you can “tell” someone. They have to experience it for themselves.

So this is to all those who know what I am talking about, but especially to those who do not. Enjoy this award winning documentary by Idaho Public Television and Outdoor Idaho showcasing bicycling in Idaho. May it ignite a spark in you to get out and ride on this first day of summer!


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Jamie Lynn Morgan

A woman on a bicycle, working 4 self, carnivore, coffee, murder mysteries, red wine, sci-fi, micro-brews, & purple. Let's all be car(e) free together! #idahobike

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