How to Stud Bicycle Tires for Winter Riding

How to Stud Bicycle Tires for Winter Riding

Yesterday I did a post on 10 Tips for Winter Riding in Coeur d’Alene Idaho and thought I would expand on one of those tips. I did a search on YouTube for Do It Yourself videos for studding your own bicycle tires and narrowed it down to these two videos. Each has its own merits.

Here is a generic material list for making one pair of studded bicycle tires.

Materials to make one pair of studded tires:

  • 2 New or used tires with big knobs
  • 2 old tubes
  • 200 stainless steel sheet metal screws, Philips pan head style, 3/8″ length
  • Drill
  • Small drill bit
  • Philips driver bit
  • Block of wood
  • Gloves
  • Chalk

Happy studding!

Jamie Lynn

Jamie Lynn Morgan

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