Fat Tuesday Bicycle Rides in February 2016

This is what will get me out on my bike starting tomorrow! I think I have figured out what clothes to layer to make sure I stay warm. For this short slow ride, I think my vintage cruiser will do just fine (even if I ride from home).

[ctt tweet=”Light up your fat or(any) bike and join the celebration each Tuesday night in February. http://ctt.ec/MeydQ+ ” coverup=”MeydQ”]

If you use Strava to track your rides use this link: https://www.strava.com/activities/479135298 or use the photo of the route here:


Come out and join in on the winter riding fun!

Fat Tuesday Ride

Jamie Lynn Morgan

A woman on a bicycle, working 4 self, carnivore, coffee, murder mysteries, red wine, sci-fi, micro-brews, & purple. Let's all be car(e) free together! #idahobike

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