Checklist for Overnight or Longer Bike Trip

Planning an overnight or longer bike trip? This checklist includes gear and storage options, accessories, repair items, clothing and more.

The Two Essentials



Gear Storage

▪Hydration pack

▪Saddle (underseat) bag

▪Handlebar bag

▪Cargo rack plus trunk bag



Bike Accessories


▪Taillight (with blinking option)


▪Cycling computer/GPS/cellphone with bike app

▪Mirror (for handlebar or helmet)


▪Water bottles with cages

▪Straps/bungee cords

Core Repair Items

▪Spare tube or tubes (and/or patch kit)


▪Tire levers

▪Cycling multi-tool (with Allen wrenches)

Additional Repair Items

▪Pressure gauge

▪CO2 inflator (with cartridges)

▪Spare spokes (minimum of 6)

▪Spoke wrench

▪6″ adjustable wrench

▪General-purpose multi-tool

▪Assorted nuts and bolts

▪Spare tire

▪Chain tool

▪Replacement chain links


▪Brake and derailleur cables

▪Spare components

▪Spare cleats

▪Repair/duct tape

Camping Basics

▪Sleeping bag

▪Sleeping pad

▪Tent or tarp

Basic Clothing

▪Wicking jersey or top

▪Padded shorts or tights


▪Shoes suited to bike’s pedals

▪Cycling socks


Weather Protection


▪Stowaway windbreaker

▪Insulation layer(s) for cool air

▪Weatherproof, full-fingered gloves

▪Arm/leg warmers

▪Visibility vest

Personal Items

▪Eye protection (sunglasses or clear lenses)

▪First-aid items (see our First-Aid Checklist)

▪Medical info/emergency contact card

▪Toilet paper/tissue


▪Lip balm

▪Insect repellent

▪Chamois cream

▪Small, quick-dry towel for cleanups


▪Performance food/gels/drinks

▪Guidebook or route description



▪Off-day clothing


▪Cell phone

▪Cash/credit card/ID

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