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I ride because it is “my time”. Time to come up with brilliant ideas, new ways to save the world, and I can just be. When we get out of our motorized boxes into the fresh air amazing things happen. Choosing to walk or bike makes it possible to connect with people in our neighborhoods. We discover the businesses within them that we may have missed at 35mph. I am extremely fortunate to live in place that has so much to offer! What can you discover in your neighborhood today?

Jamie Lynn Morgan

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You Must Always Have Fabulous Shoes

I do not like being up this early...but fabulous shoes always makes it better. Bike Talks this AM at Calypsos Coffee. One of my favorite places to grab a cup of Joe (translates to 20oz quad shot Americano). Morning everyone, hope you have a great day and...
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Tom Morgan Doing Good Things in the Community for BikeCDA

Tom and BikeCDA's Bike Giveaway Program This video was made by Tom at the church building where BikeCDA has leased a space for the Bike Giveaway program (keep reading the video is at the end). He is always so excited this time of year! He gets to make kids and others...
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See What Happens When Fat Bikes Go Downhilling in Winter

Fatbiking is growing everywhere and Coeur d'Alene Idaho is no exception. With our distinct four seasons, there are many different cycling opportunities! These brave souls from British Columbia created this video to show what it looks like to take your fat bike...
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10 Tips for Riding in Coeur d’Alene Idaho During Winter

10 Tips for Riding in Coeur d'Alene Idaho During Winter Riding a bicycle in the winter around Coeur d'Alene can be tricky and not just because of colder temperatures and snow! It gets darker earlier (like 4PM earlier), snowplowing creates piles of snow that narrow...
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How to Stud Bicycle Tires for Winter Riding

How to Stud Bicycle Tires for Winter Riding Yesterday I did a post on 10 Tips for Winter Riding in Coeur d'Alene Idaho and thought I would expand on one of those tips. I did a search on YouTube for Do It Yourself videos for studding your own bicycle tires and narrowed...
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New Bicycle App Found: Bike Computer

I was contacted via email about an app for your smart phone that could come in handy if...and we always hope this stays an get into a bicycle accident. The app is set up to alert your emergency contact or contacts if you have been in a crash. This is...
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Sandpoint Idaho Is More Than A Ski Resort

Sandpoint Idaho Is More Than A Ski Resort Sandpoint Idaho may be the home of world class skiing because of Schweitzer Mountain Resort, but there is so much more to this Sunset Magazine " Best Small Town in the West " favorite. Sure, Schweitzer Village features luxury...
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You Should Use Hand Signals While Bicycling

Hello fellow riders, or anyone who is looking to start riding. Since National Bike Month and the National Bike Challenge started on May 1st I thought some posts on bicycle safety would be a good idea. I was out riding today and thought the first topic should be using hand signals.

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A Reason to Ride: Time for Reflection

You just crested the hill. Your legs are a bit tired, it takes a little bit to catch your breath, but the pounding of your heart makes you feel alive. Now, laid out before you is a long straight stretch which means it is now just you, your bicycle, and your thoughts. I LOVE those moments! It is like a cornocopuia of emotions leaping about in your brain all at once: accomplishment, fatigue, determination, and nirvana. Ok, maybe not everyone feels this way, but oh what a world if they did!

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Blown Bicycle Tire Reminds Me I Need to Learn Basic Bicycle Maintenance

The weather has been sunny and beautiful this past week! Which always excites me; because it means I can start riding my bicycle every day instead of driving my car. I rode my bicycle to almost all my client appointments along with running errands on every day except...
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