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Bicycle riding helps connect people with their neighborhoods and the businesses within them. We’re extremely fortunate to live in place that has so much to offer, and when we get out of our cars and onto our bikes we can experience it in a whole new way.

Jamie Lynn Morgan

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Check Out the New Awesome Bike Lane on 3rd Street in Coeur d’Alene

Improvements on our roadways for all users: walkers, bicyclists, and motorists are always a GOOD thing. The new bike lane on 3rd Street is a huge improvement for those riding that route on their bicycles. Motorists can now see bicyclists clearly and it takes them off...
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Join Us For a Historical Ride on October 8th in Wallace Idaho

Come join us for a fun-filled weekend of bicycles and history in Wallace Idaho October 8th (and 9th if you choose to stay the night)! Saturday will be an activity filled day with representatives from The Trail of the Coeur d’Alene’s and the Wallace Chamber of...
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Great Tips To Build a Bicycle Program For Your Business

Creating a Bicycle program for your business has many benefits! It supports health & wellness, which in turn boosts productivity and profits. Momentum Magazine just posted an article outlining 10 Steps to Build a Successful Bicycle Program for Your Company. It is...
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Do You Know How to Share The Trail As a Bicyclist?

Do You Know How to Share The Trail As a Bicyclist? When you are out on a multi-use trail are you being courteous to other trail users? Riding on trails can be a great experience, but you have to remember other people are wanting to enjoy it too. There will be people...
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Outdoor Idaho Documentary Showcases Bicycling in Idaho

Trying to explain the feeling you get when you crest a steep hill, ride further than you did yesterday, or what it is like to glide through the crisp spring air; is not something you can “tell” someone. They have to experience it for themselves.

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You Should Use Hand Signals While Bicycling

Hello fellow riders, or anyone who is looking to start riding. Since National Bike Month and the National Bike Challenge started on May 1st I thought some posts on bicycle safety would be a good idea. I was out riding today and thought the first topic should be using hand signals.

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Are You Ready For The National Bike Challenge 2016?

Get ready to ride and sign up to accept the challenge! (If you are in Kootenai County here in Idaho you will automatically be added to the Rubber Tire Adventures Advocacy Challenge.) Create riding groups, add your bicycle league, or encourage your workmates to join...
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Three Cheers for Pedal Power! Join the Kootenai Environmental Alliance for Happy Hour

Want some motivation for Bike to Work Week 2016 in Coeur d’Alene coming in June? Add an event to your National Bike Month Bingo Card for the month of May (link to the bingo card is below along with some info)? Then you need to go to this event by bicycle of course! Plus…Chris Bosley with the Coeur d’Alene Ped Bike Committee will help motivate you to pedal to work and Russ Hersrud will talk about how riding your bicycle helps the environment!

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Tell The US Department of Transportation We All Count

I try to keep what I post here to be about local bicycle events, places to ride, things to do, and things to see, but…sometimes…to make sure we can continue to enjoy those things we have to stand up and say “Hey, wait a minute! That isn’t what is going to be best for everyone.” When those times come; I will post ways you as an individual can stand on the soap box to let someone know you count and you matter. This is one of those times!

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Press Release: Bike to Work Week 2016 in Coeur d’Alene Idaho

Bike to Work Week 2016 Starts Sunday, June 5th and end Friday, June 10th 2016 INFO & EVENTS: Sunday the 5th: Roots Pursuit & Awards Ceremony. This bicycle scavenger hunt-type event begins at the Community Garden on the corner of 10th and Foster Ave at 10 am....
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